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What can you use Minecraft id Lists for?

Block ID for Minecraft is the fastest way to search for Minecraft ID Lists on the web, whether you want to search Minecraft item ID‘s on your phone, on your iPad or still in a webbrowser, Block ID for Minecraft has you covered.

  • Block Id for Minecraft is great to view Minecraft item IDs, if your playing on Minecraft Multiplayer servers and need to reference Minecraft Item ID‘s on the run.
  • You can even create your own profile, link it to your Minecraft username and save your favorite Minecraft blocks to make it even faster to reference, in your very own Favorite section.
  • All Minecraft blocks and Item numbers are up to date for Minecraft 1.4.6, we are committed to keeping this up to date, and we’ll keep you posted on what’s to come from Mineterst and the Block ID for Minecraft item list.

To find our more about us, you can:

  • Visit our blog at Mineterest.com
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  • Email us at info (at) mineterest.com

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