How do I use Block ID Minecraft?

To use Block ID Minecraft, it’s as simple as typing in the item name in the search box.

How do I create a My Favorite account?

To save your favorite Minecraft Block ID‘s, you can create a Favorite account. You simply Click Login/Register on the menu bar above, fill in your username, name, email address and link your Minecraft username. Create an account.

How do I use the Block ID Favs plugin?

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload the .jar file your Minecraft server’s plugin directory
  3. Connect Your Minecraft Username to Your BlockIDMinecraft account (see below)
  4. Login to your server and type ‘/favs’ (Also see other commands)

How do I connect my Minecraft username?

First, go to your profile page.

First, go to your profile page.

Add your Minecraft username (Case-sensitive).

Add your Minecraft username (Case-sensitive).

Confirm your connection by seeing your Minecraft avatar.

Your Minecraft avatar will be displayed, confirming your connection.

Can I use Block ID on my phone or tablet?

Absolutely, Block ID Minecraft is a fully responsive design with speed and simplicity in mind. You can search for your Minecraft Block Id‘s on your iPhone, iPad, Android or windows based phone and tablets.

Can I use Block ID as an iPhone/iPad/iPod App ?

Absolutely, you can by adding the webpage to your homescreen. In order to do this, first load the website on Safari browser. Then click on the “Share button” in the middle of the bottom bar. Then you will see this screen:

Tap "Add to Home Screen" to add Block ID as an app on your iDevice.

Tap “Add to Home Screen” to add Block ID as an app on your iDevice.

Then, tap the “Add to Home Screen” option and name your shortcut as you please. Here is how your new app shorcut will be displayed:

Block ID Minecraft Home Screen App

Enjoy your newly created Block ID App!

How can I join your server?

We are currently looking for players who would love to help us get this Server up and running, its simple if your willing to stick around and help us build, we will look after you and provide you with a great gaming experience and world for your designs.

Get credit and features on our sites where credit is due. Show the Minecraft fans your awesome builds, send us an email at info(at)

How do I get a block or item in game?

To get or use an Item in game, it’s called Spawning this means , getting instant access without having to wait for it. This is incredibly useful for Minecraft Multiplayer servers. You cannot spawn items in-game in single player mode. However, you can use editor Tools such as World Edit, or MCEdit to spawn blocks.

When in multi-player mode you spawn items using the /give command. The command is:
/give [username] [id] [amount]

Replace [username] with the name of the player who you would like to receive the item, [id] with the id of the item or block  and [amount] with the quantity of that item you wish to spawn. For example, if you wanted to give the player Batman two Gold Blocks , your command would be this:
/give Batman 41 3
By default, most servers have this permission for administrators of the server.

Are you affiliated with Minecraft?

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